Your Safety

*Please note that our procedures will be under constant review to maintain maximum effectiveness and cleanliness. Haven Hall Hotel will, of course, always comply with all government regulations.

We have prepared and implemented extensive health and safety guidelines, training our staff to ensure every precaution is in place to minimise the spread of Covid-19. In addition we’ve thought hard about how best to make your stay as easy, pleasant and safe as possible. 


We politely request that if you begin to display any symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature or persistent cough), that you contact us to postpone your visit and we will of course transfer your reservation to a later available date.

 We will also send you important information about dining and how to book restaurants. Haven Hall Hotel does not serve lunch or dinner, but we are happy to assist you in finding good places to eat.


Arrival & Check-in

1 Temperature checking is available on arrival (or during your stay if you feel concerned):  We politely request that if you start to display any symptoms of Covid-19, that you do not enter the hotel. These symptoms include:  high temperature and a new & persistent cough. Any guests or visitors displaying Covid-19 symptoms may be asked to leave the premises. 

2 Hand sanitising facilities will be available on arrival and all keys, phones, door handles and banister railings will be regularly sanitised.

3 As we are a small family business, there is no formal reception desk. When we meet you on arrival, we will insist on keeping the required 2 metre social distance. Weather depending, we usually do registration outside on our lovely patio. When indoors, we may opt to wear masks when closer than 2 metres. Payment will be via debit or credit card only to avoid handling cash. Your room key will be sanitised before being given to you.

4 During these times, it has been advised to avoid handling your luggage or belongings. We will show you to your room, but probably with a mask. However, we will do our best to help and ensure we do so with your safety in mind.

5 If you have any special requirements, please let us know before you arrive so we can make the necessary preparations with everybody’s safety in mind.


Lounge & Bar Areas

Ordinarily we love nothing more than to chat and offer you our most attentive service during your stay. We are sorry that we will not be able to shake your hand. But in order to keep everyone safe we need to minimise close contact.

1 Cleanliness:  extensive cleaning of shared surfaces will be conducted throughout the day and checked regularly. Hand sanitising will be available throughout the common rooms.

2 Our four restaurant loos are unlikely to be crowded at any time. They are equipped with sanitising handwash at the basins and will be extensively cleaned and checked. You can of course opt to use only the en-suite bathroom in your own room.

3 Lounge and Bar areas:  tables and lounge chairs have been placed 2 metres apart both inside and outside to reduce risk. As only Hotel guests can use these facilities, it is never crowded. Therefore screens are not necessary.

4 When walking through the hotel we beg you to use discretion and consider other’s safety by maintaining social distance of at least 2 metres.


Bedrooms and En-suite Bathrooms

1) Every guest bedroom, bathroom and apartment will be fully sanitised before each stay and sealed to ensure no contamination occurs prior to your arrival. Light switches, door handles, window handles, air conditioning controls, room phones, clocks, TV remotes, safe, fridge, Nespresso machine, kettle and curtain pulls will all be sanitised between guests. Hard surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

2 We apologise if our rooms might look a little stark.  The décor pillows, bed runners, curtain tie backs and other un-necessary items have been removed to reduce what could potentially hold contamination. We have also removed our informative Guest Information Booklet (there were too many pages to sanitise each time). But our usual luxurious toiletries are still in place! And we are available by phone should you have any questions.

3 Linens, towels, bath matts and robes are professionally washed on high heat. Slippers come pre-packed for each person’s use only.

4 Our housekeeping team are all trained to keep the rooms clean and sanitised. They will wear a mask and disposable vinyl gloves which will be changed between each room. Rooms will have the windows opened to air (weather dependent).

5 Should you prefer that housekeeping does not enter your room during your stay, please tell us when you arrive and put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door to prevent mistakes being made.

6 We will provide you with a clean plastic bag to place used towels you want replaced. Please put these outside your door for collection.


Pool house & Sauna

*Please note that we have no life guard at the swimming pool. So it is advisable to never use the pool or sauna on your own.For everyone’s safety we politely request that you shower before using the sauna or pool. Sauna and pool hours will be posted.

Our pool area and sauna have been re-designed and scrupulously cleaned and disinfected. Because we are such a small intimate Hotel, there is never a problem with crowding. Loungers have been located with plenty of space both in the pool area and around the garden. Pool towels are available in the Pool House.

1 The pool pH is checked everyday and correct chemicals are added to keep everyone safe.

2 Loungers are wiped down and sanitised. Please use the pool towels to cover the loungers before use.

3 Two large shower rooms (with loos) in the Pool House make it easy to shower before using the pool and sauna. There is also a small kitchenette with sanitising facilities. No glass is allowed in the pool area. You will also find a small selection of drinks and ice creams in the kitchenette Honesty Bar.

4 Sauna:  Please sit or lie on your towel in the sauna to prevent contamination. It is also more comfortable! If you do not regularly take saunas, please limit your time inside the sauna to 10 minutes. Heat kills viruses and bacteria, so saunas are quite safe places. In addition, having regular saunas help to cleanse the body and improve your immune system. Please shower after your sauna and before entering the pool.

5 As you leave, please place your used towels in the towel bins inside the Pool House for collection, so that no one has to touch your towels.


Breakfast & Dining & Bar

All our 7 self-catering apartments have dining tables and fully equipped kitchenettes.

1 Your Choice – please let us know what you prefer when you book:

You may feel more comfortable staying safe in your own space and making your own breakfast. In this case, just let us know and we will be happy to stock the fridge in your self-catering apartment with essential supplies like eggs, bacon, toast, butter, jams, cereals, fruit, juice and milk.


You may feel more inclined to relax into holiday mode and allow us to cook your breakfast for you. In this case, we will give you a menu on arrival to fill in, along with a time slot for breakfast on the Patio or in the East Room. Food will be cooked to order only. Service will implement social distancing whenever possible, for example asking you to move used dishes to a nearby station for collection.

2 Lunch and Dinner:  Haven Hall Hotel is offering Dinner only to our Hotel Guests from 6:00 - 8:00pm. If you wish to sample some of the very good Restaurants on the Isle ofWight, it is suggested that you make reservations in plenty of time in advance.

3 We have a fully licensed bar and will be happy to supply you with beer, wine, or drinks of your choice – at a table only. Please check our menu when you arrive.


Check Out

All you need to do is put your room key in the designated box. We will automatically take payment for your stay using the debit or credit card details you have given us.

Your final bill, including any drinks you have signed for, will be e-mailed to you.


People on Our Staff

All our people are experienced staff, trained to provide the extra care needed to prevent contagion of Covid-19. They will be temperature checked on arrival for work and required to self-certify that they have not been in contact with anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms.

1 Any staff member who shows symptoms will be immediately sent home for 14 days self-isolation.

2 Housekeeping & kitchen staff will wear disposable vinyl gloves whilst cleaning the rooms and serving food or drinks. They will be required to change gloves between rooms and wash hands regularly as well as maintaining social distancing.

3 Hand sanitisers are available at stations throughout the property.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.